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How To Wear A Gel Eyeliner

Eyeliners are the ultimate make-up product for beautiful eye and I must say that you can get an ultimate thing highlight the eyes and I personally think that a perfectly done and beautifully applied liner can change your entire look at once and today I am going to show you how to apply the perfect Gel eyeliners and to get the pro look you just need to keep practicing in the stroke.

Today I am going to give you some simple tips on applying the perfect liner and I am not using the trick pro tells, I telling you what I did to get best looking liner without too much steady hands since too much typing has ruined my steadiness.

If you are going to start using the liner now then you need to start with your hand, take the liner and start drawing the eye lid on the back of your hands, keep practicing for couple of days and when you see that now you are good with strokes then draw a line on your eye lid and then apply the liner on it and keep doing that for couple of days and now this is time to try with gel liner.

How To Wear A Gel Eyeliner

First of all dip the gel liner brush into the pot and swap off the brush at the corner of the bottle, but you need to take gel on the both sides of the brush , you need to take flat brush and it is very good for perfect liner strokes and you need to pull your upper eye lid with yr fingers and apply the gel on the upper water line of your eyes and then let it get dry for a sec and then take the same brush and apply the thinnest line exactly on the roots of your lashes, and let it get dry and now this is the time to draw the line you want, if you want a cat eye liner, or smooth wing liner.

What Brush to Use For Gel Eyeliner

Never ever apply black liner on the lower water line unless you have terribly huge eyes, because it will make your eyes look smaller and tighter, so use a light shaded liner on the lower lash line and then use some gray or nude eye liner on the inner water line and you are ready to go.

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