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How to Use Safe Cosmetics During Pregnancy

Safe Skincare During PregnancyIt is a natural wish of every woman to look pretty regardless of her age and for this purpose they use a variety of cosmetic products. Some women don’t abandon the use of cosmetics even during the pregnancy without knowing how harmful these products are for their babies.

Pregnancy period is the most exciting and transitional period of a woman’s life during which she experiences different changes in her body. It is common that women’s skin turns extra sensitive during the pregnancy period and the cosmetic products even their face wash can have harmful affects over their skin and over their unborn child as well. Thus, it’s very important women to get awareness about the dangers of using cosmetic products during pregnancy.

How To Use Safe Cosmetics During Pregnancy

Here we are giving you awareness that which cosmetics are not harmful for you and baby during pregnancy:

Tanning Cream

During pregnancy you can use tanning cream to keep your skin glowing. Safe cosmetics during pregnancy like tanning cream is safe because it masks your skin only and doesn’t enter your blood stream.

Tanning Cream For Pregnancy


Waxing also doesn’t affect your baby but it’s somewhat aching. If you are strong enough to tolerate the pain then there is no problem in continuing with regular waxing during pregnancy. Its safe cosmetics during pregnancy.

How To Use Safe Cosmetics During Pregnancy


Facial is believed as the safest and effective way to clean and glow your skin and face. But it is advisable not to use the acidic ingredients in facial during pregnancy since your skin becomes very sensitive during this period.

Facial For Pregnancy

Avoid regular bleaching, hot bath, body wraps and use of anti aging products during pregnancy.

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