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How to Use Loofah Sponge

How to Use Loofah SpongeWe are going to talk about very basic and simple way how to use loofah in your shower to get smooth and glowing fresh looking skin as we all know that if you do not get rid of these dead cells they will blocker pores and make them blocked and become a reason for so many skin issues and if you know how to use it then you will be able to get healthiest skin possible.How to Use Loofah Sponge1

Now first of all you need to see which loofah are best to use, you can find so many loofah including synthetic mesh or natural loofah fibers and you can try some artificial fabric for that use too and they all really good to exfoliate your skin without damaging, but if you are using plastic pellets or those which are really perky or harsh then they are not good for you, they can make your skin damaged too…. now let me tell you that they are absolutely good for your blocked  pores and uneven rough looking and feeling skin so are you ready for that?

First tip to use these loofah is you need to use your won loofah, don’t share it with anyone at all, not even with you won family members that will prevents the bacteria transferring from one person to another, now the another thing that you need to do is keep your loofah clean and if you are using any kind of body wash then you can use it to wash your loofah too at the end your bath and once in week you need to get a hot water bath for your loofah and that will keep your loofah fresh as new.How to Use Loofah Sponge2

Now we are going to give you some very simple and effective way to use your loofah for the best results, first of all if you are planning to get a loofah bath then the best thing that you can do is get a essential oil massage and it will make your skin even more soft and easy to get rid of these dirt and pollution that is blocking your pores, just take few tablespoon of any essential oil and massage your body with it till you start feeling worm and soft.

Now dip your loofah in a worm water and after that add some soap or bathing gel on it and start scrubbing your body with it and you need to make sure that you are scrubbing whole body and then take a ruing water shower and feel the fresh like new.

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