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How To Tips To Get Smile

I heard a famous and authentic report shows that whitening teeth may damage your eyes and skin for good and once you damaged your teeth you cannot repair them, you have to get a new seat of teeth to get the preface smile and teeth, and since that day I am so worried if I am doing things okay with my teeth and if I am making anything that is damaging them for the rest of my life and I will end up with a set of artificial teeth? And then I found out some very good tips of real and perfect teeth and I am sharing then with you too, try them and see if you are doing everything fine of you need help to get perfect smile.

First of all you need to know what are those things you need to get rid off to get best smile and crooked, dull and yellowing teeth and cavities are the biggest enemies for dazzling smile, so first of all you need to see which are these things that are making your smile so dull and so ugly, so there are few things that can make your teeth yellow and dull including excessive use of tea, coffee, affine and alcohol, smoking can harm your teeth too, but the other issues that are more strong is eating bad food, , deficiency of many vitamins like Vitamin A,E, C and iron and they all can damage your teeth horribly.

How To Tips To Get Smile

Sometimes junk food are the main reason of your dulls mile, I am talking about eating more often, drinking soda and fried things, drinking lots of sweet shakes and other drinks can literally kill your smile, so stop it at once.

Now there are few things that we need to avoid that a dentist will recommend you, say No for all kind of teeth whitening treatment, they can be a huge reason of discoloration of teeth, say not for polishing the teeth, cause they will scrub off your nature layer of your teeth and soon you will get teeth sensation issue, say no for all kind of teeth whitening treatments that require chemicals and bleaching.

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Now there are some tips to get beautiful smile:

Rub your teeth with burnt toast once in a while.

Use baking soda, salt and white vinegar to brush your teeth once in a week.

Massage your teeth with lemon juice and this will help you get healthy germs.

Brush off the entire cavity with a mixture of mustard oil and salt.

Smile a lot and love yourself.

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