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How to Tips For Natural Eye Makeup

Normally we think that women with Asian eyes which clearly means eyes with perfect almond shaped and brown shade of the eye look good and they are naturally good and they don’t put on any kind of makeup, but that is not actually true, they do apply some make up but they keep the natural look in mind and if you think that they look good and you like to try these simple tips too, then here are some tips for you to get the best look possible.

First thing that I want you to know that not every woman and use black liner, since it has a very strong and very harsh statement, so if you have milky fair skin then it is not for you and if you have light or darker brown eyes then I would say that you should try brown or gray shade of liner and try to stick with the lash line cause if you enhance the line then it will how that you have some make up on your face and you are not completely natural and that is what we don’t want.

How to Tips For Natural Eye Makeup

Tight line is the best way to apply top lash lines with brown eyes and you can use a black liner for that cause it will not show visibly, but it will give you the depth and smoothness and will enhance the shape of your eyes too and if you think that you need some help more to make your eyes look bright then you can add some simple white liner on the bottomed line and blink a couple of time and then apply again and then blink.

Tips For Natural Eye Makeup

Enhance your eyes with neutral shadows and the shades that are good for your browns eyes are dark bronze shadow, light or dark shade of brown or copper, light yellow and you can use any natural color if you are blending it well and if you think that your eyes need some highlighter then you can use yellow and silver for that, but make sure you are blending enough.

Skip the fake lashes and curl instead, you should try to curl it when they are a bit moisturized and that will enhance the shape perfectly and if you curl them and then apply some mascara then it will give you a classy look.

Keep experimenting and see which natural look suits you.

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