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How To Tips For Happy Life

We all know that we somewhere inside know that we are not living a healthy happy life we all running in the race of survival, we all trying to be somewhere which is so far and which means it is so imposable to get on time, but still we are trying our level best, we all trying to get as much money as possible and that is practically impossible, we all know that there is no limit of accessories and luxuries, we know that you can buy the latest Iphone, no problem if you are earring well, but it is impossible to get all the best phones available in the market, that is insane and that is what we are trying to get and that is making us so unhappy…. we are missing life making a living, but honestly speaking, are we running for living or what? This is the way we suppose to live a happy life, or in other words that is the way you spend life and they you get a happy moment or a long list of happy moments, let’s try to see the reason Kids have that much beautiful and carefree smile, let’s  see if we can smile that way or not.

If you are ready to try that then you need to let go things, you need to be carefree for one year at least, I bet you have been trying to get happiness for years, so you can give this one year to your dream of happy life, let go things the way they want to go, don’t try to mold things according to your connivance.

How To Tips For Happy Life

First of all we will start with your lifestyle, you need to start a natural way of eating, and that is, eat when you are hungry and drink when you are thirsty, stop playing with your body and your brain, take a deep breath and let all depression go, if you are fat or lean that is your issue, no one has nothing to do with it, if someone is with you cause you are slim then let that one go, don’t push food inside your tummy, eat according to your huger, don’t eat cause you have that much and there is no space in your fridge, if you have spare food then take it in your hand and open your door and give it to someone who doesn’t have anything to eat.

Go for morning walk, not because you need to burn your fat, just to see how beautiful  it feels when you see sunrise and when you see birds playing in the morning, I bet you will feel so alive and so fresh, take some leftover bread or rise with you and fed these birds and ducks.

Tips to Live Happy Life

Work with all your heat, you need to be really honest with your work and you will get pay for that, but if you work for any out of the way promotion or any other benefits then don’t, don’t pull anyone else leg to get on top, if someone is doing that even if with you then don’t be mad on him, if he is doing that then trust me he is already in hell.

Be the most positive and the most pleasure person you know, let things go and keep people and loved ones close and closer, smile a lot and do what really make you happy no matter what it is, I bet you can earn as much as you need, actually need and if you cannot buy expansive dresses and other rubbish then it is okay, smile and be positive, don’t run after money and things, run and make efforts for people.

At the end, take a deep breath and smile and see if that is smile you were looking for? Please let me know.

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