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How to Tips For Diamond Care

I seriously like diamond and I bet every girl like them, and they are very valuable investment and you just cannot let them get dim and lose the beauty in the closets, you need to keep them clean and shiny and it is not very hard to look after them, you just need to know they way so here are some simple tips that you might want to keep your beautiful diamonds shiny and beautiful.

We are sharing some Do’s and Don’ts with you, Diamond Care Do’s:

If you have Diamonds and you like them then you have to keep them clean and stored carefully when they are not being worn and for that you need to follow these rules.

If you notice loose stone settings or any other noticeable damages to your jewelry, you need to stop using it immediately and get to your reliable jeweler and get it fixed and I would recommend that you need to get a yearly check to your jeweler by some pro and expert jeweler and get a proper chalking and cleaning too.

How to Tips For Diamond Care

When you are putting your stuff back in the locker you need to keep everything in a fabric-lined case or in a box with dividers to prevent the diamonds from scratching other jewelry or other diamonds and for that you can use small pouch too.

Avoid wearing your diamonds while doing housework, yard work or any other kind of rough work cause these things will make your diamond lose its shine and can make it chip  too.

If you are wearing your engagement ring or your marriage band then use some thick rubber gloves while you are doing some household chores because if you use chlorine bleach with the same hand it will defiantly ruined your diamond for good.

Diamond Ring Care Tips

If you feel that your ring or your diamonds are getting dusty or dull and they need some cleaning then you can clean them at home too, you can give your diamonds some Detergent Bath and for that you need to Prepare a small bowl of warm suds using any mild household liquid detergent and dip your jewelry in it for a while and then use a simple soft bristles brush to clean your jewelry and then rinse off with warm water and dry them completely before putting them back.

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