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How to Tea Tree Oil & Beauty

I met a sweet girl three weeks back at cosmetic store and she has very beautiful sharp feature, but she has horrible  bad oily skin with all the bad issues that we get with oily skin and she was looking for something to hide them and I suggested tea tree oil to her and then I met her today again with smooth face.

I know that that scars will take time to go, but there were no pimple and no acne on her face and that was not unexpected for me, since I spend whole teen age with that light green magical potion, but yess it was so pleasant, she saw me and she was so happy and I felt wow and then I give her some simple tips to get rid of these scars too, and this was very first time when I saw some one that much happy and now we are going to talk about it with more confidence as now I know that beside me, tea tree oil work for everyone and I am so happy for her, so if you are suffering with the same condition then here is what you need to do to get beautiful  skin.

How to Tea Tree Oil & Beauty

Tea tree oil is very well known antibacterial agent that normally we use to look after our skin and you would see it in the list of ingredient of acne specific products too, we all know that when we get acne and when we get pimples then we get inflamed due to germs and if we know something to get rid of these germs we can actually cure the issues and tea tree oil is a very strong and effective germs killer that not only help you get rid of these germs, but if you keep using it then you would be able to get rid of these scars and blemishes too.

Tea Tree Oil & Beauty

If you have normal and healthy skin and you never get infected with Aloe Vera or other things then you just need to take a clean cotton bud dipped in it and apply all over your infected areas and wash it off in the morning, never apply too much as it is very strong,but if you have super sensitive skin then you have to add some olive oil in it to sooth down the effects or you can buy a gel which will already be pre-diluted and start using that all over your face to get rid of acne, and if you have dry and itchy skin then you should use tea tree GEL.

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