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How to Strange Beauty Tips

Keeping yourself groomed and pretty we think so many tips and we try many of these and that is how we get home remedies and home made things that not only work for our looks and they are actually very safe no matter if we get any result or not, but we never get side effects and for that and today we are going to share some very interesting and strange beauty tips with you.

Soda: – drinking soda is very cheap and pocket friendly, but what one can do since it is not very good to your stomach and your body, when you should not drink it then why don’t you use it for your looks, you can use it as a styling spray and it will work absolutely fantastic, but you need to make sure that you are using a regular soda, not diet cause the thing that we need to use is sugar and you just need a clear soda and pour it in a spray bottle and spray three to four time when you hair are slightly dim and after that you should not brush your hair and you can use your hands and your fingers to create the waves, and this will not only create the curls and give the hair a texturized look, it will create a tremendous shine too.

Strange Beauty Tips That Work

Beer: – if you are quitting alcohol and you are throwing all of your hard drink then just safe some of beer bottles and use it get some volume and clarify your hair, yeast is the main ingredient of beer and it swells the cuticle of the hair which create the illusion of thick and healthy hair and if you want to get more benefits then you should use dark beer with a high yeast content and you just need to use it as a final rinse and you will love the thick and beautiful  shiny hair after word.

How to Strange Beauty Tips

Milk: – we know that milk is very good for your skin and hair and today we are going to use it as a 2in1 product, we are going to use it as a exfoliate and moisturizer and I would say that you will love your smooth and cute beautiful skin as it is loaded with cleaning enzymes and it has natural fat too so it work great, you can get the benefits of this with your bath and you just need to add couple of cups of milk in your bath tub or you can mix one tablespoon plain milk powder and with lime or rose water and apply that over your body and face and then scrub it off to see the difference.

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