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How to Soothe Your Eyes

How to Soothe Your Eyes After CryingEyes are precious gift of nature. This precious gift has very wonderful jobs beside all other jobs eye to eye connection just reaches to heart and penetrates in to whole body.

How much important the eyes in our life it’s the matter of some supernatural issue. Due to its importance it needs special attention. Our daily works cause eye strain. Especially while you are sitting before sharp lights for long time. It causes dilemma to whole body.

With this overworked and strained eyes the first effect is blurriness and ultimately headache.

How to Soothe Eyes After Sleeping in Contacts

How to Soothe Your Eyes

At this stage you need a break to sooth and relax tired eyes by using below tips in natural way.

  1. First thing to sooth eyes to take a sleep if not possible take a cat nap or just close eyes for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Try to lower the light level of light from your surroundings, keep yourself in shades or in dull colors, as sun glasses are of pastel shades are recommended in summer or strong sunshine’s.
  3. Splash of cold water on eyes for 2-3 minutes will soothe eyes, or ice cubes on eyes will give soothing effects.
  4. If cold water is not working well then steaming towel is also helpful just used during facial.
  5. Tea bags also very old remedy to sooth eyes from eye strain.
  6. Cucumber slices are very useful for soothing effects.
  7. Plenty of water is very essential for eye strain. To be hydrated well you will get much fresh.
  8. Proper lubrication of eyes is also very effective, flaxseeds oil are helpful for massaging.
  9. Stretch your neck to normalize the blood circulation to the eyes to   remove the strain.
  10. Facial massage is also give soothing effects to eyes.
  11. Another way of soothing eyes is to massage eyes by the pores of fingers just around the eyes especially from eye brows to temples.
  12. Try to avoid makeup while going to bed; makeup should be removed as soon as possible.
  13. If there any contact lenses then to be removed before going to sleep.
  14. Visit the doctor for eyes regularly.

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