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How to Simple Beauty Routines

If you are getting tired of keep remembering things that you need and you should do to get beautiful and smooth younger looking skin then here are a simplest and the easiest routine for you to get beautiful looks and this is not very difficult one to remember or follow and it work too, you just need to see what your skin actually need to get the all the required vitamins and minerals.

This is a simple list that you need to do on daily basis and you can either paste it on your refrigerator or you can paste it over your cell as a screen saver.


  • Drink hot water with lemon and honey first thing in the morning.
  • Brush your teeth with salt and then give it a shine with tooth paste.
  • Take few minutes for deep and long breathing exercises.
  • You need to rub your body with milk cream before taking a shower with ruing water.
  • If you need to Shampoo your hair then don’t miss the conditioning your hair too.
  • Scrub with alum powder while you giving time to your hair conditioning and then wash it off with running water.
  • Apply whole body Moisturizer before wearing the cloth.
  • Apply Sunscreen before you leave your home and keep Spritzer in your bag and apply some eye cream and sunglasses.
  • Keep sipping some water throughout the day.

How to Simple Beauty Routines


  • Finish dinner by 7:30.
  • Take some baby oil and rub all over your body while you walk or enjoy some TV or chit chat.
  • Spend whole 45 minutes on facial cleansing regime.
  • Take a Bathe one hour later to your diner.
  • Brush teeth & with salt, Moisturizer (night cream).
  • Lie down on your bed with castor oil in your hands and apply a mixture of Glycerin and lemon on lips and heels and hands.
  • Apply castor oil on your eyes and eye brows.
  • Sleep for peaceful 8 hours.

Simple Beauty Routines


  • You need to apply hot oil hair massage twice a week.
  • You need to clean and exfoliate face & body for whole 2 hours regime twice a week.
  • Manicure /Pedicure /Deep condition hair once a week or let’s say on Saturday.


  • Body massage / spay treatment/ hair trimming and eye brown and face waxing.
  • Eyebrow and lip wax.
  • At the end I will say that you should eat a healthy and fresh food 5 days a week and you can enjoy a bit naughty food 4 times a week and always try to fast a whole day once a week.

Drink lots of water and use home remedies and homemade ingredients for your looks and issues.

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