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How to Repair Wood Furniture At Home

Dogs sometimes enjoy a good chew on a bone, a toy or a piece of wood and if they are tall enough to reach to the chairs or other wood things then one day they will chew off that piece too so you need to keep an eye on that and if unfortunately, you ignored him for a while and he has chew off the piece of wood from a chair or table leg then you need either to throw it off, hire someone to fix it or learn how to fix it at home so I will suggest you to fix it yourself so here are some simple tips for you which are not even hard and difficult.

How to Repair Wood Furniture At Home

Fort of all you need to clean it and then make it prepare by cutting small hatch marks diagonally across the chew marks and for that you can use utility knife blade or you can use fine fresh sharp one paper cutter too and make the wood smooth and clear and now we will start working on it, we will take the sand paper or we can use a mixture of pumice and mineral oil and rub it till you see that the surface is completely smooth and now you need to mix auto-body filler and apply that to the chewed area, you need to be really very carefully cause once you add too much then it will take hard work to remove it and you got to give some time at least 10 minutes.

Repair Scratches on Wood Furniture

Now you need to use Sand paper to make it smooth and for that you need to use 150-grit sandpaper to smooth out the filled area and you need to use finer 220-grit sandpaper to finish it up more, now you need to use wax fill stick crayons to color over the top of the sanded area and it is best if you use two shades to make the exact shade of the wood and make sure you are using some thick paper to rub the wax into the small pore holes or irregularities and check with your fingertip if it is smooth and plain.

How to Repair Dents in Wood Furniture

Now you need to mix brown-tone acrylic paint with the shade to make the perfect look and if your wood is black then you can use plain black shade too and paint that area with that and apply some varnish if needed.

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