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How To Repair Damaged Hair

how-to-repair-damaged-hairsHow To Repair Damaged Hair Why your hairs get damaged? There are varieties of reason for this as sun damage, improper diet, lack of proper care, pollution, use of sub standard chemicals in hair care products and some awful methods of treating hair as perming or dying etc. All these cause the hair strand to become porous, fragile and opaque and with split ends.

Here are some quick tips to recover the damaged hairs:

  • The best ways to keep the hair hydrated and use all those products which have extra moisture content in them and also lock and protect the natural hair moisture.
  • Deep conditioning is helpful in securing the hairs from damage. It should be done after the gap of 15 days.
  • Keep your self away from the heating treatment of hairs as perming or blow drying.
  • Not to style your hairs which apply the vigorous pressure at the roots of hairs .Wear your hair styles which are protective for them because now these will uproot easily?
  • Use leave in hair conditioner for the protection of delicate hair strand.
  • Not to brush while the hairs are wet, it will damage the hairs and weak their roots.
  • Use wide toothed comb for combing your hairs.
  • The severely damaged hairs require more then the conditioning. Use hair mask for them. It is advised that these mask used in combination with heat. It will open the cuticles of hair and the nutrition used in mask penetrates in the hair strands and make the hairs healthy.
  • Be patient to restore the damaged hairs because it will take a month to recover them.

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