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How To Repair Damaged Hair

The healthy hairs have the shiny luster with proper thickened strand and not easy to break fall from roots but if this is not the situation then there must be some thing wrong with the hairs and call for special treatment. The damaged hairs are caused by the variety of reasons as of course the poor diet deficiency of water hot treatment of hairs wrong chemical treatment and exposure to the sun rays. All this change and damage the texture of the hairs. This can be treated by cutting the hairs but to some extent recovered by the home treatment.

  1. Trim your hairs once in month to make the damage to be recovered soon.
  2. Use the conditioner once in a week and deep conditioner once in month.
  3. Do not use the harsh chemicals hair care product to the hairs.
  4. Massaging will help to restore the blood circulation in the hair follicles and stimulate their active functioning and for the strength of hairs.
  5. Use the egg in olive oil and apply this to the damaged hairs twice in a week and after two hours rinse the hairs with normal tap water.
  6. The curd mixed in castor oil will also repair the damage dry hairs.
  7. Take  two to tree  vitamin E capsule in a bowl and add in to it your shampoo of mild nature and wash your hairs with it, it will make the hairs shiny and healthy.
  8. The application of mayonnaise on the hairs for an hour also works well in repairing the damaged hair.
  9. The food contains enough vitamin E proteins effects greatly to the health of hairs.

The plenty of water prevent the hair from damaging and maintain their health with all other extra care

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