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How to Remove Self Tanner

Remove Self TannerHow To Remove Self Tanner – Tanning is the process to give the extra summer glow to the skin without the sun damage.

Before to begin the process it is necessary to know the methods to remove the self tanners as sometimes the process leave blotchy spots on the skin and some times the tanning surface develop streaks and get uneven.




Here are Some Guide Lines to Recover The Unwanted Sunless Tanning Errors


Self tanning is the dye which deposited at the skin surface in form of layer. So it can be removed by rubbing the skin to slough off the dead cells from the skin. To carry out the procedure first to moisturize your skin with some body lotion and immerse the body in Luke warm water for 20 to 30 minutes, Then scrub your body with sugar scrubber mildly to remove the tanning products from the body. Add milk to your bath tub and soak your body in it. The milk contains the lactic acid and hydroxyl acid that will decaled the dead cell with tanning product. It will also provide the essential nutrients to the skin.

Exfoliation of Skin and Remove Self Tanner


Squeeze the lemon in your bath tub and rub the desired area with this lime water. The lemon peel is also used for rubbing the surface to remove the tanning stains.

Use Lemon Juice on Skin & Remove Self Tanner


A long swim or soaking your self in bath water more then the usual time helpful in removing the terrible tans. By soaking, the tan gets lighter and eventually removes with pro long wetting.

Soak Yourself in Swimming Pool & Remove Self Tanner


If you have the opportunity to stay in home and not expose yourself public ally then allow it to fade naturally as it is the temporary process and after routine bathing and exfoliation it will fade away.

Soaking for Your Health Pool and Spa Outdoor & Remove Self Tanner


  • Before tanning remove the hairs from the skin.
  • Moisturize the skin well as dry skin develops the streaks and patches more.
  • Self tanner is applied three to four hours prior to take bath.

Tanning Remove The Hairs From The Skin

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