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How To Remove Eye Make-Up Properly

How To Remove Eye Make-Up Properly

We are going to show you some simple, but effective ways to remove eye makeup and at the end I am going to share some my personal tricks too since I am one of those who like to look good thorough my life with or without makeup so I pay whole of my attention to my skin care.

How to Remove Eye Makeup Naturally

Here are two simple ways to use when you need to remove your eye or whole make up and you don’t have remover with you, so best thing that you can do is use baby shampoo or baby bath gel and just take some gel or shampoo in your hands and then start rubbing it all over your face, but don’t forget to wet your skin first now keep massaging and you will see that your make up will come out and then wash with a bit worm water, if you are using that “tear free” baby shampoo then it is great way to remove mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner as it will not make your eyes burn and will remove every bit of your eye makeup.

How to Remove Eyeliner

If baby shampoo doesn’t work for you, or you don’t have it with you then take any conditioner or any oil based cream and massage your face with that, keep rubbing your face from chine to forehead and then take a wet and worm towels and spread that over your face for 2 minutes and then wipe it off and rub a bit, you will notice that will not only help you with your eye makeup, but it will make your skin look smooth and fresh at one.

How to Remove Eye Makeup Gently

Now I am sharing a very brilliant homemade Eye makeup remover for those who don’t want to use cleaner from market or they have extraordinary sensitive skin.

How to Remove Eye Makeup With Olive Oil

For homemade eye makeup remover mix 2 tablespoons of canola oil and one tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil and mix it well for 5 minutes every time when you are using it and then dab a cotton ball or tissue into the oil and place that over your closed eyes for a while and then wipe it off and then wash your face with cool water, I bet you will love shiny beautiful eyelashes later on 🙂

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