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How To Protect Your Child Skin From Winter

How To Protect Your Child Skin From WinterHow To Protect Your Child Skin From WinterIt is really a fun to play in winter sunshine or to make the snow man with the snow.

Enjoy the winter holidays without affecting the delicate skin of kids is difficult. Children skin is as delicate as the petals of rose flowers.

It is also affected by the changing temperatures of outdoor and indoor environment.

We can not force them to stay in door all the time. As a result of harsh effects of the season the crack and dry skin is observed in children.

How To Protect Your Child Skin

To Protect The Skin of Your Children Without Abandon The Fun Activities of Them and Taking Away The Excitement Consider The Following Tips

  1. Cover your child with winter outfits by wearing him or her warm clothes when he or she is busy in outdoor activities. Comfortable winter clothes as coats, jackets, warm socks, hats, scarves, gloves and water proof boots are essential in winter clothing when they are playing out door in cold winds.
  2. Dress up the babies, toddlers and infants in several thin layer winter clothes as woolen vests, turtle neck shirts, pants, thermal under garments all are suitable to protect them from cold draughts of air.
  3. If possible consult the dermatologist to prescribe the skin care products for your babies, infants, toddlers and small children. When purchase the skin lotions for them carefully read the labels and the ingredients included in the manufacturing.
  4. Prefer the skin care products that are home made as home made soaps and home made lotions for their soft and delicate skin. It will also prevent any irritation. These will contain glycerin in them and also have other natural moisturizing contents.
  5. Natural and hypoallergenic products are used for the delicate skin. It will protect the irritation of the skin.
  6. Lip balm is used to prevent the chapping and cracking of the lips. Lip balms used for children are different from adults as these contain the glycerin, shea butter and bees wax in their manufacturing. These are rich in emollients and prevent the soreness of the skin.
  7. Apply sunscreen while going outside for playing. Look for such products which have SPF 15 or higher and have zinc oxide.
  8. Sunscreens are not used for babies under six months so avoid them for taking in UV rays.
  9. While the children playing with snow wear them snow goggles and sun safe screens as the reflection of UV radiations from the snow creates sun burns.
  10. Hydrate the skin of the children by stimulating them to drink more and more water. At least eight glasses 8 of water in a day.

How to Protect Skin in Winter Home Remedies

If the soreness and itching with dryness occurs severely then consult your physician and dermatologists.

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