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How To Prevent Double Chin

How To Prevent Double ChinDouble Chin normally comes in old age and if you are getting double chin no matter how old you are, you would look old and you would start looking unattractive and at the same time you would show that you don’t have healthy habits and you are not living a balanced diet and life, although you could get it with genetic tendency, fat/fluid build-up and lack of exercise too, if you born with these genetics then we cannot deal with it, but otherwise here are some tips of you to deal with it and I will bet you would look much more attractive without it.How To Prevent Double Chin1

You just need to add some chin and neck specific exercises in your day to day life styles, if you are not born with that chin then I bet it is a result of your work style, your bad posture or unhealthy food and neck exercises will work great for that, you don’t need a full-fledged exercise for that that you can get fruitful results with just tilting head from side to side and  forward and back as faster as convenient, you need to stretch your neck muscles as hard as you can keep your head there for a while, If any of exercises  or anything make you feeling discomfort of any kind go slow and build it up gradually.How To Prevent Double Chin2

Massage your chin and neck with any essential oil, if you are looking for double effects and benefits then try lavender oil or tea tree oil, that will enhance the stretch if your skin and make it feel younger, you need to pull your neck muscles, like you are kissing your ceiling and keep your chin tightly in the shape of pouch and massage your neck and chin for 5 minutes and you will see some instant results.How To Prevent Double Chin3

If you keep your body workout pretty regular that will help your double chin too, just keep in shape and try to get in healthy living for good looks and good life.

As we know that bad posture is one of the many reasons of bad double chin, so if you fix your posture you will be able to get good body and good chin too, you need to keep your body in mind all the time, keep neck straight, push your chest out and should back and see if this change your look or not.

Drink lots of water, eat healthy food and run for 45 minutes a day and you will get perfecta body in three months .

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