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How To Masks to Close Pores

We are sharing some more tips for you to get rid of open and large pores which look ugly and unhealthy and make you look and feel old and here are those tips.

Egg whites are the best thing for open and large pores and you just need to start using the mask of plain egg white every day, you can use plain egg whites too, but if you have to try something else with that then add lime and it will tight up your pore and fed off the scars too.

Keep used eta bags in your freezer or refrigerate and apply it over your open pores every night and it will deal with the large pores and will tight up your skin too and let you notice some difference instantly.

Keep some tomato slice in your freezer and rub it over your face every day and then let your skin absorb the healthy and yummy pulp of tomato for 10 minutes and then wash it off with chilled water and you will get tight fresh looking fair skin within one week.

How To Masks to Close Pores

Keep a mixture of glycerin and rose water in the ice cube tray in your freezer and use one ice cube on your skin everyday and this will not only solve your skin issues, but will keep you fresh and flawless too, if you have scares then you can add lime juice too.

Take some sea salt or table slat on the slices of lime and spread it all over your face for 20 minutes and lie down on your back and then rub it over your face for 2-4 minutes before washing it off with chilled water.

Masks to Close Pores

Plain clay or cucumber mask can be the good solution or you can mix clay with cucumber juice and get the double effects.

Make a mask of sandalwood and lemon or rose water and apply it over your face every day and wash it off with chilled water after 20 minutes.

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