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How To Make Your Summer Pleasnat

When we move from cold dark days of winter to bright long summer days it feels good in the beginning. But as the temperature raises more and more scrotching sunshine warm our skin we feel irritation. With all this it is the season of arranging parties and making plan for picnic trips. As days are long and you have enough time to enjoy so it is the best time of the year to enjoy your self.

You can make your summer pleasant in following ways

  1. Though with the use of air-condition you can make your summer much comfortable but it is always difficult to enclose yourself within the premises all the time. If the power supply in interrupted then there will be great suffocation and choking. So there is no alternate of outdoor atmosphere. For this arrange evening trips to different parks and humid environment areas / it will surely break the mechanical routine and monotonous schedule of life.
  2. Mosquitoes and bugs are the gift of summer. These make the out door activities difficult. To run them away there are hundreds of such tricks as mosquito repellents, fabric softeners, homemade candles and much more is available to keep away the annoying bites of mosquitoes away.
  3. Avoid sunburns with many home remedies skin care products. Oatmeal, black tea, cucumber, potatoes and many sunscreens which are artificially synthesized make your skin free from sun burn effects.
  4. Enjoy with the colorful fruits of summer. As the summer season starts there are variety of fruits are seen in markets which allure us with their glamorous bright colors and beautiful taste. Mangoes, peaches, avocado, cherries, all are found abundantly and with cheaper rates.
  5. Another great blessing of summer is the start of the monsoon season in most part of the world. This moon soon season has its own charm and pleasant effect on mood. When in intense sunshine suddenly the clouds appear on the sky with cool gentle breeze it will definitely give the romantic move over to the mood. Arrange the grilled foods and trip to green and hilly areas are much soothing in summer rainy season.
  6. Make your summer more pleasant by wearing light clothes and variety of colorfully designed dresses. It is the season when you have more exposure and have many chances to show the beauty of your different body features. The outfits which are chic and sophisticated give you a pleasant look. With these clothes variety of styles in sandals create an elegancy and make you more gorgeous.
  7. So summer is the most pleasant season which defines your personality.

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