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How To Make Your Own Glossing Serum

If you are looking for some good and pocket friendly serum for shiny, sleek hair  then you are in wrong world, looking for something extremely wrong, they do make good and practical serum, but the issue is they don’t do pocket friendly, I have one which you can hardly use for 10 days and it is so so good and so so brilliant and it cost metabolism almost $78 and I cannot even think to use it every day, I keep it in my refrigerator  for something really really especial  and I use this one that I made by myself for everyday use  and I don’t want to brag , but it work almost the same;)  , so let’s make your own shine serum at home with your own hands and I bet it will not cost you that much!

First of all we are going to make a very easy one that you can make on the sort and can use if suddenly feel that your hair are impossible today and you are out of all hair products so you just need to take a clean and big bottle with the spray and add any kind of gel, but the best if you use a simple one and add some water like if you added one tablespoon on gel then add 4 tablespoon of water in it and shake it well,

How To Make Your Own Glossing Serum

now add conditioner sparingly and shake really well until you get a milky solution and comes out from pray in smooth watery form rather then a clumsy gel water form and Wallah!

How to Make Your Own Shine or Glossing Serum

Now we are going to share a great serum recipe for hair and you would love the result I bet, if you have dry, curly and dull fizzy hair then here is something magical for you J, Here is the list of some Ingredients that you need for this serum.

Moderne High Gloss Serum

You need  4 ounces Camellia Oil,  1/2 ounce Castor Oil,  1/2 ounce Unrefined Avocado Oil,  4 ounces Lavender Oil and 25 drops Essential oils to give the serum some fragrance you can add some food essence too, I love vanilla though;) but you can use some natural, organic essential oil according to the healing properties , you can pick myrrh or peppermint for dry hair and then  use lavender or rose oil for fine hair to normal hair and if you have mix hair or golden highlights then you can use lemon or chamomile in your serum.

Grapeseed Glossing Serum

Now you just need to mix all of these ingredients and apply in your wet and cleaned hair, just take small amount in your hands and rub it between your palms and apply over your hair and you would love the result.

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