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How to Make Your Eyes Popping

How to Make Eyes POP Behind GlassesThe eyes of course the window to heart. When we see the celebrities their eyes are sparkling and give so touchy looks that we get ourselves grasp within them. Is it natural or can be attained with practice or something else. How to get the eyes which communicate when the words are unspoken, yes you may get the eyes as of celebrity by applying simple techniques of make up and groom your personality.

Being the part of this busy world we can not spare enough time to carry the heavy eye makeup so by following some tips we can make our eyes glowing and sparkling with our daily routine jobs. Here “how to do this:

How to Make Your Eyes Popping

How to Make Your Eyes Popping

  1. First thing is to notice the color of your eyes and shape of your eyes. You can change the color of your eyes by using different colors of lenses according to your clothing and your hair color. It may be contrasting or it may be matched with the above. In both cases the skin color should be kept in mind. Whatever your selection may it must match with your personality.
  2. The proper use of eye liner, mascara. Eye shades and the eyelashes change your entire appearance, use of clear mascara groom the eyes by giving them shiny look and the lashes glow with the long look. By using it the lashes appear to be darker in color.
  3. Apply the eye brightening pencil it will give the look of freshness to eyes, and lively look to the eyes. It is applied at the inner edge of lower lid.
  4. Before going to bed moisturize your lashes with olive oil or Vaseline and   use the curler for a week. By using for a week your eye lashes get slightly tinted and curled and give looks bit longer and get a shiny appearance.
  5. Give the skin of your face a bronze glow; it will enhance the shiny appearance to the eyes. It may be done by proper cleansing and regular skin care.
  6. Use the eye shades which are natural as pinkish touch and the eye shades must be used according to your environmental attitude and match with your clothing’s.
  7. False eye lashes may be used without any fear by giving them natural touch with the use of eye liner and mascara correctly.
  8. Eye brows should be properly tweezed because the eye brows are the frame case in which the eyes fit. By the proper shaping of eye brows your entire look is changed. Many women think that their eye brows are normal enough and not want to touch them. But for proper shaping get the service of some professionals, who will shape up your eye brows according to your features by using tweezers, threading or by waxing. so the brows must be manicured and arched properly.

How to Make Eyes POP Without Makeup

Have sparkling eyes and make your personality more marvelous.

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