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How To Make Nose Thinner With Makeup

How To Make Nose Thinner With MakeupNose and your lips are the most important features of your face, if you don’t have perfectly shaped nose and lips then you cannot feel as confident as you want to and in this case you can try some simple makeup and some very simple tricks which can make your nose look slimmer, so whose up to learn these tricks?

If you want to make your nose appear thinner, but not the permanent or don’t want to spend money on plastic surgeries which may destroy it or make it worse too, we have these cases too then here is a guide to get thin nose in less than 5 minutes and you just need to keep practicing till you get a perfect look and always pick the right and best products you can afford.

How to Make Your Nose Look SmallerTo get a beautiful slimmer looking nose you need to start with taking a thin eye shadow applier brush, I am telling you how to apply contouring to get thinner nose and you will apply base and lose powder and then we will come to contouring and always pick a mate shade or bronzer for contouring, now we will pick the shade for this and I would say choose a color 3-2 tones darker than your skin color cause if you pick the lighter shade then it would be less visible and will leave no impact at all, now we will take some shade with that thin brush and we will apply two lines right around the nose bridge, these two lines will define the new nose, it will look too harsh at first, but don’t worry it will look batter once you are done with blending.

How to Make Nose PointedNow take a blending brush and blend the eye shadow to soften the line, you don’t need to take big fluffy brush cause it will blend the shade all over your nose and that will make your look a bit crown, and that is what we don’t want, take small blending brush and start blending from bottom of your nose and blend it towered eye brows and keep blending till you look absolutely smooth and natural, now take some bronzer to feather out the line, and then apply some lose powder to make it look absolutely natural, now take some shade with thinnest brush you have and apply on the Alar Nasal Sulcus and blend in circle.

How to use Makeup to Make Nose Look ThinnerNow we need to apply highlighter to the nose bridge near the nose tip to make it look sharp, we will take thin brush and we will apply a straight light right on the bridge and we will blend in line too and it’s done.

If you want to get a perfectly natural look then you should use mineral powder instead of an eye shadow and blend with fury sponge and never ever use shiny shade to apply for contouring and when you are done with your look take some lose powder with small fluffy brush and apply all over the nose to soften the uneven look.

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