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How To Make Kohl At Home

There are lots of things that you can use to get beautiful eyes, liner, mascara; pencil and shades, but nothing is sexier then homemade Kohl and I am going to give you some simple recipe to make it at home and it is very good as we have been using that one for ages, this is not only very good and very beautiful, but it is very healthy for our eyes too.

Kohl is one of the most ancient forms of makeup and it is very good for your eyes and your look and it look very beautiful and very traditional and this is a very ancient recipe and for that you just need 50 ml sesame oil OR pure cow ghee and you need 1 Big Silver lamp with 50 ml oilghee, then you need long thick cotton wick and a copper plate.

Make Kohl At Home

Now you need to keep half tablespoon of gheeoil aside and rest into the lamp and set wick and light the lamp and you need to place the copper plate on top of the lamp, but make sure flame touches the plate and keep the lamp in a calm and windless place and let the lamp burn over night or approximately 10 hours and then you will see a thick black powdery on the copper plate and it is the base of your kajal.

How To Make Kohl At Home

Now you need to take the half teaspoon of oil that we kept aside an now you need to pour it into the black residue powder, but you need to pour drop by drop and then rub the residue and oil and you can use a finger to mix it will and mix till you see get the perfect consistent, similar to the eatable butter, now it is ready to use, keep it in a airtight jar or body and keep it in a room temperature and you can use it for 6-12 month.

Best of luck.

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