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How To Make Fingerprint Candles

Using your child’s fingerprint to design adorable animals or shapes on a candle is a great way to create a keepsake and trust me it look so beautiful  and so adorable, it is not only a beautiful  decoration, but you can actually use these too.

So let’s make one with your own hands and surprise your gust too:

First of all you need to get some finger prints and if you are trying to get finger prints of your own kind then dip his hands in some smooth water paint and place his/her hand on some kind of grease or wax paper and then you need to make some kind of design with these prints, you can use it to make something like a tree or a sheep or something or you even can use it as it is and write down his/her name underneath and, Now let’s make a candle, once the paper is completely dry and perfect to use then wrap the painted tissue paper or whatever you use around the candle,

How To Make Fingerprint Candles

now make sure that the painted side is face outward from the candle now you just need to wrap a larger piece of wax paper around the tissue paper and candle and now you just need a heat embossing gun or a hair dryer and use it all over the candle dn that will automatically transfer the candle as the heat is applied.

How to Make Candles at Home

Now just remove the wax paper with care once the design has been transferred to the candle and now you need to give it some finishing touch, you can use paint or you can use colored candle to make things more beautiful and classy.

How to Make Candles Step by Step

I love the way she put the thumb print in a green tree and some small plants were all around it and she use 3D roses of wax on the candle too which were totally cool:)

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