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How To Make A Man Love You

How To Make A Man Love YouHow To Make A Man Love YouAttraction for opposite gender is natural.  Both men and women complete the beautiful picture of the universe. The women are the most colorful part of the world. All beautiful words as gorgeous, elegant and stunning etc are used for women by men. What makes attractive in women that the man utter these words. The beautiful looks or the beautiful makeup, both these have their key importance in women’s beauty. If the beautiful features are without the touch of natural shades it will attract but can not capture the instant and sexy looks of man.

When we talk about the make up there are certain things in make up which attract the man mostly.


  • Red rosy, sexy and fuller lips are the strong asset of women to attract the men. As we see most celebrities in red carpet wearing with red lipsticks. It is too romantic and sexy in all seasons. But if the lips carry their natural pink shade it will be most liked by majority of man.


  • The cheeks with emphasizing cheek bone are the best feature to make you gorgeous. The hues of pink or natural looks make you more appealing in front of your friend, boy friend or husband .The use of creamy blush formula makes you more attractive in the crowd. If all stuff piled on cheeks it will have adverse effects.


  • When 100 guys are asked to tell about the attractive feature of women face the 81% said about eyes beauty and only 19% admired about lips. The guys like and encourage the well defined dark lined eyes but they do not like the use of enough colors on eyes. The brown and natural shades are attracted by them. Smokey eyes with black liner and topped with charcoal gray to define the shape makes you hot with awesome looks.

The natural looking makes up and neutral shades have no comparison to accentuate your looks and giving you the eye catching appearance by man.


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