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How To Identify Your Skin Type

Skin can basically be classified into four types: Dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, and combination skin and it is very important to know what kind of skin one has if you want to get the benefits of healthy and best brands and want to get the benefit of those products and home remedies so let’s try to find what skin type you have.

For that you need to fill that questionnaire first.

  • How does your skin look during the day? With or without face wash.
  • How do you feel after cleansing do you feel oily, do you feel like you need to wash your face?
  • Do you have acne, pimples on your skin and do you get scratchy feelings or you feel moisturized feeling.
  • Do you have pores, large and oily?
  • How does your skin appear? Smooth and transparent, Firm and even, oily or look dirty and unhealthy and unpleased?

How To Identify Your Skin Type

Now if you have the word yes for most of that question then you have oily skin and if you just know how to look after it then you are blessed with a good skin type cause you will not get skin again as soon as other get, Now if you are getting craw feet with the passage of time, when you sit in dry environment including air-conditioned rooms and you get dry and unpleasant feelings, you get dry and dull skin and you no matter what you do it does not seems to go then you have dry skin and anything that comes between these skin types is either normal or complicated skin tone.

How to Find Out Your Skin Type

If you have dry skin then you should use more and more moisture on your skin and make sure that you avid the stretching and tightness of your face and apply moisturizer every time you wash your face and hands.

Find Your Face Type

If you have oily skin which shows that your skin is producing the excess of sebum and if you just know how to deal with that then it will solve all of your issues and the best is yourself home remedies for that
Drink lots of water and look after your skin with proper care.

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