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How To Get Special Bonding With Your New Born

The child is the wonder full gift of nature. It is the reward of your jouney of nine months and great suffering. It is the part of your own blood and body and you have an affiliation and attachment automatically.

Bonding is the strong feeling of attachment which can not be separated easily. The development of this bonding of the child with the parents is a natural process. It is the instinct which is also present in animals but as the human being we can express our feelings by our body gestures and verbally so it is much more vibrant then any other creature.

This bonding develops within first glimpse of child or may take few minutes if the child is kept away from you. in case of adopted child it takes bit  more time but the development of child parent association is a natural phenomena either they are nearer or far apart and demand no struggle in its development. The sources of such bonding are different.


  • As the mom sees her baby for the first time and take him in her hands the sense of touch starts to work and this soft touch give the baby a feeling of security, and affiliation to the handling hands, so skin to skin contact is the source of immediate bonding.


  • As the mother feeds her child and he sucks by his little lips the feeling of afflation starts to work. It is the easiest way creating the bonding between the child and mother in spite of all other benefits. It is observed that the child get to be used with smell and touch of the mothers milk and the responsiveness to their needs make them to be attached with their moms.


  • Your eye to eye contact with the feeling of love and affection creates the impulse which goes straight to the heart and produce love in the body. So while you see in the eyes of child with feeling of care and calm love and with it also you have gentle touch to your baby it will be certainly the source of intimate bonding.

So it’s the intimate and beautiful relation which is not seen among any other bonding.

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