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How To Get Smokey Eye Look

Today we are going to teach you how to get smoky eye makeup at home and how you can do that by yourself:

First thing you need to do is apply the moisturizer, foundation, concealer and powder as described earlier and make sure you have blended it well and no one can tell if you were born with this skin or you used some help regarding that and now we will go for eyes and that will be the most important thing if you really want to get beautiful look and irresistible impression.

We will start with Base Color and for that you can apply the foundation that you used for your whole face and apply that over your eyelid too and blend it well and then highlight the brow bone with slightly light shimmery shadow and blend it with your finger or you can use the sponge for that too, cause nothing is more embarrassing then patches of shades on your face so blend it really well.

How To Get Smokey Eye Look

Now use a dark grey/blue shadow or you can both of them at the same time too and draw a Have at the end of your eyes and use a pointy end outwards and a sponge to mix it well, you can use all the colors you want, but you need to blend it well and you can use the brush of your fingers for that too.

Now you need to use Black shadow in outer corners and use the thinnest and the lightest brush for that cause you need to draw thin and sharp lines for that  and then blend all the shades well and get a smoky look with that and now we will apply the liner and mascara.

Get Smokey Eye Look

Take some black shadow on a small thick brush and dab it in the outer corners of the upper eyelids, then blend it in with the gray shadow. Apply same shadow to outer half of the bottom lash line light gray shimmery shadow on eyelids will make it look glamorous and if you don’t want that then use darker gray shade for liner and apply a bit thick and let it get dry and then use a sharp black line in the middle of this gray liner and this will make your eyes look bigger and sharper, now use a black cream eyeliner or liquid liner and apply on your top lash line and a bit on the inner rim of your  top and bottom lash lines now you just need to use a thick three coats of black or dark gray mascara and lash curler.

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