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How To Get Rid Of Cracked Heels Fast

There are so many people who literally think that no matter what they do they cannot have beautiful and classy feet and soft and delicate heels and that make them so tired and so hapless that they don’t even try now to get beautiful feet and beautiful heels, but I have something for you guys and you just need to give it a try and I bet and I assure you that you will see a magical difference and here are some tricks and tips for you.

How To Get Rid Of Cracked Heels FastFirst of all this is a trick that you can try and let me tell you first that it will work for sure, but try not to get used to of it and first of all you need to dip your feet in worm water for 20 minutes with mustered oil in it and then scrub off all the dead cells possible and then apply some petroleum jelly on and keep rubbing for 20 minutes and apply some shaving cream or some kind of foam and the take a new and sharp razor and remove all the foam off of your feet like you were shaving hair off your heels, but be very softly  and very carefully and then wash of your feet and wear some soaks with feet lotion, you can use this trick for a instant results and you will see some marvelous improvement and if you have few days to get beautiful and soft feet then you need to make a foot bath, put some litter water on fire with three K gs of turnip in it and cook it on very light heat for almost one hour and then put it in a tub and add some salt and some mustered oil in it and dip your feet when it is worm enough and give yourself one hour an then wipe it off with clean towel and apply some lotion and were a socks and you can do that one week regularly and then  three times a week J.

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