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How to Get Pretty Feet At Home

The best thing that can make you look groomed and beautiful and stylish is a good shoes and  the rocking beautiful  and took cared feet and today we are going to see if you really have to go to the super expansive solon or parlors to get that kind of feet or you can have it at home with your own hands or not and if you think that you have to go there and get expansive services from that then you are wrong and today we are going to prove that.

You just need to follow these simple and easiest steps and you would have beautiful and soft and fascinating feet in one week or so it is up to the current condition of your feet, so first of all you need to understand that hiding your unclean unhealthy nail with nail polish is a very bad and unhealthy idea, nothing is as sexy and fascinating then a nude nail look, it will show the world how confident you are with your feet and how beautiful they look naturally.

How to Get Pretty Feet At Home

First of all you need to stop using polish till you get rid of all the feet and nail issues and then I bet you would like to rock the nude nails for sure, so first of all maintain a habit to cleaning your feet and nails before you get in bed, no matter how tired you are, never ignore this and this will help you a lot, you just need to apply some petroleum jelly on your feet and rub it a bit and then let it be on your feet for like 20-30 minutes and then dip it in worm water with a bit mustard or any oil and you can even use cooking oil too.

Pretty Feet At Home

Now after that just take a foot brush and scrub your feet with it and clean it with some simple shampoo or anybody wash, and after that you just need to tap dry your feet and apply some foot lotion and if you want to make one at home then try a mixture of glycerin, rose water and lime and if you have really very rough and cracked heels then add one table spoon of alum powder in it and it will work like a magical potion and wear a pair of cotton sacks and Tarra.

Use finally cooked turnip on your feet at least once in a week and it will help your feet make beautiful  and soft and if you have dead cells on your feet then us a homemade scrub and for that you just need to make a fine past of milk soaked red lentil and it always work.

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