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How to Get Longer Lashes

How to Have Long EyelashesHow to Get Longer Lashes With Mascara, The properly long and curled eye lashes are the characteristics of beauty. The ancient women try different basic home remedies to carry the long lashes.

It works well now. Though it is inherited but with the application of trendy make up we can make them long and thicker.

The mascaras play the best role in making the eye lashes long and thicker.

How to Get Longer Lashes With Mascara

Get Longer Lashes Naturally Tips

Some Tips are Followed to Apply The Mascara For The Great Look of Eye Lashes:

    1. For giving the illusion of thicker lashes apply the liner a tone darker to the color of the lashes and apply it closely to the lash line so that at the roots of hairs of lashes appear dense. If the line of the eye liner is nicely extended outer to the edge it will also give his impact of longer eye lashes.
    2. If the eye lashes are curled out ward it will again the appearance of thick eye lashes.
    3. Wipe your mascara brush with the tissue so that it will prevent the clumping of the product when applied. The product if applied in excess it will also cause the smudging of the lashes which give the unpleasant look.
    4. Now gently roll the mascara brush from the inner side of the lashes toward the outer wavy turnings, always from base to tips of the lashes.
    5. To the outer third of the upper eye lashes are gently sweep again to give the wider look of the lashes.
    6. To coat the lower lashes the sweep of mascara brush vertically across the entire lower lashes. If any mascara clump remained at the lower side it will be avoided by keeping the tissue under the lower eye lashes.

How to Apply Mascara Perfectly For Get Longer Lashes

  • The child tooth brush is used to comb the eye lashes and to remove the clumps of the mascara from the lashes.

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