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How to get firmer skin

how-to-get-firmer-skinThe beauty of the youthful skin lies in its firmness. The firmness of the skin will add glow to the skin. From centuries the feminine beauty is considered by the firmness and freshness of skin.

To get the firm skin the following regimen will be followed:


There is no compromise of diet in making your looks younger even at the advanced age. The diet which retain the elasticity of the skin and make it firm must contain fruits and fresh vegetables. With these fruits and vegetables the nuts and green tea has no match in keeping the skin wrinkle free. Vitamin A and vitamin E help in maintaining the skin firmness. With all these plenty of water is essential, usually 8 glasses per day keeps your skin fresh.


Soaps, shower with hot water make the skin dry and rough. So moisturize skin lavishly by applying the day and night creams on hands, neck and face after each wash and bath.


Avoid unusual facial expressions because these loose the facial muscles and the skin looses its firmness. Make sure that all your facial expressions are normal with out any harsh lines on the face.


The massage therapy should be done weekly or twice in a week. It will restore the blood circulation to the skin and helps to remove the sagging of skin.


Every day the minimum sleep of seven hours helps to rejuvenate your skin, Skin also takes rest and regeneration process stimulated by sleep.


It will give special glow to your skin. So with the exercise done at regular basis the skin gets enough supply of oxygen and blood which helps it in maintaining firmness.

All these are not difficult tasks but the results you obtain are miraculous if done at regular basis.

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