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How To Get Beautiful Lips

Lips are the beautiful features in feminine beauty. lips are the important feature in our looks that make our personality attractive. Though we are not blessed always with the beauty of this feature but by continuous care and properly contorting makes them beautiful. These have skin which has no sweat glands. So they become rough and cracked. Dry very easily.

The beautiful healthy lips are pinkish, soft ant smooth looking. They need to be shiny if you are in good health. There are many ways by which you can make your lips sexy and voluptuous. Healthy diet is very important to attain the beauty of lips. Dry chapped lips are sometimes due to harsh climatic conditions so all these factors should be eliminated while beauty of lips is desired. However following measures should be taken in home to have beautiful lips.

  • Lip balm should be applied on lips to keep them moisturized and shiny. Saliva does not moisturize the lips so avoid licking frequently. Vaseline may also be applied before going to sleep on daily basis especially in cold dry weather.
  • Whenever a dry lipstick is applied on lips the lips should be coated with lip balm.
  • When the lips get dry the flakes should not be removed by teeth but use soft tooth brush to keep them away.
  • Apply honey daily at night when you going to sleep it will make your lips reddish naturally as you have applied lipstick.
  • If you have pale lips then take some ginger juice and add this in egg yolk of village chicken and take it in break fast daily. After some days you will get beautiful red lips.
  • If lips get black by the use of wrong lipstick then use the tooth paste and apply it on lips for 10 minutes then wash.
  • Lemon juice or coriander juice when applied on lips it will also recover the dark color of your lips.
  • Rubbing the tomato slices on lips for 5 to 10 minutes will also bring the red color of lips if it become blackish by some drug allergy or by  smoking ,
  • Grinded rose petals win applied on lips they will surely brings the rosy lips.
  • Hydrogenated ghee may be applied on lips at night and leave them overnight. It will make the lips soft and smooth.
  • The lipsticks whenever be used these are removed at night.
  • Lip primer should be used every time before applying the lipstick, so that the chemical effects of lipsticks should be reduced.

Have a beautiful smile with beautiful lips.

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