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How To Fake Perfect Skin

Today we are going to teach you how to get fake smooth face skin with some simple tricks and for that we are sharing some tricks and introducing you with some helping cosmetics that will give you blasting beautiful skin and we will start with face powder, one of my all time favorite thing to get beautiful skin.

Powder is a one of the most practical thing in cosmetics and it help your makeup to stay in place longer, absorbs shine, and creates a smooth canvas for shadow and blush and at the same time you can use it to get fresher look and you can use it fix you make up too, but if you have visible wrinkles and lines then you just need to use it at the end of you make up or it will make it more noticeable and will make your look like older woman.

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Always start with moisturizer, no matter what kind of skin you have, you just need to apply some moisturizer on your wet face and then you need to give it some time to get settle down before you apply any kind of primer or foundation, if you want then you can use hyaluronic acid or glycerin to plump skin and this will help you get smoother and prettier surface that prevents powder from sinking into wrinkles and when you apply that then you need to lie down for a while to get the absolutely results  and then you are ready to apply concealer and foundation.

Foundation Makeup Tips

Choose a lightweight formula for your base and it would be best if you apply sheer matte or full-coverage versions and they look so good on your skin and will make a tremendous impact and I would recommend Body Shop Loose Face Powder and Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder and foundation and it look so good and work longer and when you use face powder then you need to take a large, fluffy blush brush evenly disperses powder and then dip it in the powder and then blow off the excessive powder and Then lightly sweep the brush over more oily areas like your T-zone  and run your hand over your whole face with soft hands.

Now at the end you need to keep few of blotting papers in your bad and use it to touch up and it will soak off all the excessive oil and will leave you with fresh skin and face.

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