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How to Ensure Shiny Strong Healthy Nails

Get Strong and Healthy Nails at HomeIf there is any malnutrition or deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins then skin, hair and nails are mostly affected by it.

The strong shiny healthy nails are smooth without ridges, spots, splitting edges and dryness.




How to Ensure Shiny Strong Healthy Nails

How to Ensure Shiny Strong Healthy Nails


Calcium is the important constituent in nail texture. Soak your nails in Luke warm milk at least for 15 minutes. The lactic acid in milk strengthens as well as whitens the nails. Repeat this process daily for 20 to 25 days and feel the difference.

Nail Calcium Treatment


Olive oil and castor oil are best suited for massaging, Massage the nail bed and cuticle with the oil gently until the oil get absorbed in the skin. The extra oil is wiped off with tissue.

Massaging of Nails & Shiny Strong Healthy Nails


File your nails when they are completely dry other wise they are more prone to breakage. The selection of right emery board for nail filing is very important. The steel emery board is more abrasive for the filing.

Correct Way of Filing Nails


Add in your diet  the food contents which are rich in zinc, (crab, herring, black eyed peas),iron ( red meat, cherries, and eggs)and selenium(cucumber, root vegetables, nuts , eggs and brown rice )the diet should contain raw fruits, vegetables and  lot of water for healthy and shiny nails.

Eat Right For Healthy Nails


Proteins are essential element for the growth of tissues and muscles. Take enough proteins in your diet as these bring the lustrous growth of nails. Lean meat and eggs are the rich source of proteins.

Protein Rich Foods For Healthy Nails & Shiny Strong Healthy Nails


Too much use of excessive nail polish also a damaging factor for nails. If you are the regular user of nail polish then for few days   keep it away as to restore the original shine of the nails. When ever the nail polish is to be used, the standard brand is selected.

Avoid Excess of Nail Polish & Shiny Strong Healthy Nails

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