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How To Do Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes, Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes,Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes-We all know the pressure of prom night and prom dance bawl and that is one simple reason we are going to share some simple but always stunning makeup looks to help you spark some ideas for the perfect look to match your dress, eyes and overall style, you don’t really have to copy all the tips, just take the ideas and then follow your own style and your own personality, I personally think that woman with blue eyes are the one of the most beautiful woman possible and today we are shearing tips for all of you.

Make To Get Dramatic Touch: – If you have a simple dress, you can afford to add some extra drama to your look with your makeup and your hair style and for that I want you to take all the risk you can and add dramatic liner with some glitter and some bright shade on your look.

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes, Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes,Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes-01

If you want to try something super bold then the trick is keep the brighter shade on the lid and blend out with neutrals and then add some glittery shades on the crease and blend well and then gently patting the shade over the lower part of the eye coming up slightly past the crease and that will actually help you get bright look.

Never ever forget to use some highlighter under your lower lash line and then blend it in triangle and let it glow on the inner corner of your eyes too with some shade on your bone too, let your eyes speak for you and something when you add some blue shimmer in your highlighter then it lighten up your eyes too.

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes, Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes,Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Glitter: – If you want to add sparkle and glamour to your look then this is definitely going to help you get bright shiny look and for that you can try medium grey shade like Stealth on the lower part of the eyelid and if you want to add some drama then bright plum and crimson are great with blue eyes and when you blend some shade over the lid then you can apply some over your lower lash line too and it will give you a overall look.

Normally we all prefer perfect eyes to pair with a princess dress which make you look sweet, simple and elegant, but that does not mean that you cannot add some magic in that look, you can try perfectly cute makeup and then just add a bright liner and it will help you get noticed in that crowd.

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If you don’t want to add drama in your eyes then just get some curly extensions exactly the shade of your own eyes and then rock them near your face and preferably near your eyes and it will give you an attractive look and try to add some silver hair accessories with that which will give you a perfect loyal look.

Last but not least, no matter how you look, it will be your beautiful smile and your open heart confidence that will make you look perfectly Diva so smile and enjoy, it is a very special day and will never ever come back, they way you will feel this day, will never ever feel ever again.
Best of luck.

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