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How To Deal With Knee Pain Of Runners

How To Deal With Knee Pain Of RunnersIf you are trying to lose some weight and when you start running you feel some pain beneath your knee cap that means you are suffering with runner’s knee and that is not something really scary and it is not that you should ignore, it needs some serious help.

As I am a thyroid patient and I was trying my level best to lose some weight and I started some morning rankings few weeks back and then I started that pain, I thought, A I am getting calcium deficit, B it is due to my weight, C it is due to my thyroid and D I am getting too lazy and my body is making some lame excuse and I kept my walk and run as I was so determined to lose some weight and then I started feeling some bruise-like feeling beneath my left kneecap and that was so sharp and so strong than I had to think that it is something else, I took all the medical help possible, but then pain became more formidable and then I found out that I am suffering with runner’s knee and I was instructed to stop running an using stairs unnecessary and I was like what? Who am I going to reduce weight now?

How To Deal With Knee Pain Of Runners-

That was the time when my doctor sat with me and she talked about it and she told me that you are getting this pain due to over-training, you just need to slow down, you need to give your body and your bones some time, you cannot just get up one morning and think that I am going to run for 30 minutes from today, you cannot do that even if you are perfectly healthy, you should start with 20 minutes walk and then 5 minutes of running and then you add minutes gradually and that is the way you train your body and your bones and they know that they need to be protective form sudden weight load and sudden rush.

Now I am sharing some tips that I got from my doc, You have to stop running at once and you are not allowed to run till you get better, just get rest for few days may be a week. Avoid stairs or hills, am not saying that stairs will hurt you but descending will kill your knees and if you want to know what I am saying you can give it a try, I bet you will listen to your doctor from then, Try Ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes, no matter if you are getting any better or not, this will help you eventually.

If you try a hot bath with Epson salt that might help your muscles and your tired knees, it worked for me and I seriously feel it was the reason of my quick recovery. Try some splints, with and after that pain, you will feel that this will help your knee pain and make you feel conferrable with your running.

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