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How To Compelete Make-Up In 10 Easy Steps

Here we will discuss about the make up that we will going to discuss in 10 simple and fast

steps. That every one can easily follow it. So here we are going to give you some simple and easy steps.

First of all you need to apply the concealer in lighter shades. Apply it gen tally on you face and spared it very softly ,try to conceal your blemishes and your wrinkles. The under eyes circle should be completely conceal. Apply eye cream with it. And complete you around skin problem. When you done with your concealer then apply cream first.

Then you have to choose the foundation according to you skin type. Apply it little bit on the face spots, then spread it. Choose foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Apply it in dots over the central part of your face, then blend it out with a makeup sponge or your fingertips until it covers your entire face

After then use the presses powderon your face. Use pressed powder when you go out for job or for any thing else. Because when you go out you need too much care and you need to have pressed powder foundation.

After that the eye brows comes. Use powder form of eye brow instead of using pencil. Pencil make eye shadow look artificial but the eyebrow powder give them nice and natural look .Try to apply the  eye shadow powder with the flate brush.
Then Choose three eye shadows colors.Medium,dark and light colors of one shade. Use he dark color on your eye lid, medium to its center and lifter on your upper eye part.

Use the all one color in different tones there are many verities of one color and different tones. You can take two color also and take three contrast color as well. Now it’s up to you that how you will apply it on your eye .

After that you need to use the eye liner, thin liner bursh or eye liner pencil.If you want to give the darker look then apply it all over on the eye lashes and all over eye area.
Or you need the lighter area then you apply on lower lid to third one area and then merge it properly.

Apply little mascara on upper and lower lashes, in two thin coats.

Choose the colored mascara like Brown, Gray or Black well for for darker coloring.If you want some fun you can apply the navy or plum mascara for funky look.

And then come to you cheek bones sides, try to apply apples or below on the cheeks. Which look perfect on you. Then blend it perfectly and easily.

In the last choose the lips pencil and then apply lipstick on your lips. Always take care that the lip pencil should be sharp and completely give the colors of it. Apply the lipstick and pencil color according to your mood or according to your choice where you want to go for the party or job or any where else.
So these are the simple and important steps that you can make your self more bold and beautiful. And beautify your beauty.

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