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How to Clean a White Sofa

White sofas can be much harder to clean than colored sofas cause it show off all the dust and the marks you left and for that we normally pick professionals to clean our white sofa, but I know that costs a lot normally between $100 and $200 or more, it depends what kind of sofa you have, but is it really very necessary to pay that much? Let’s see if we can wash it at home with our own hands?

First thing you need is any Whipped Laundry Detergent, you can use any of that and you can use any quality, you just need to purchase a box of whipped laundry detergent and take a scooper that comes with the box and place one scoop in your mixing bowl and add one cup of hot water and mix with the blender until the mixture begins to look whipped, we don’t want any colored shade or bits in it now you need to use some towel or rag to apply some of the whipped laundry detergent to the areas of the couch that need cleaning and start rubbing in circular motion, if your couch has fine lines and texture you can use nail brush too, but don’t add any kind of pressure, Once you feel that you are done with that then take another dry and clean towel and soak it with plain water and wipe it off and then use extra dry cloth and rub over your couch to make it extra clean.

How to Clean a White Sofa

Now you need to buy a bottle of Oxi Clean Laundry Stain Removal cause this can remove all the strains and marks from your sofa, and now you need to spray the stain removal on a white towel cause if you use colored towel you might get that color on your sofa, now you need to spray that on your white towel and gently press the towel with stain removal on to the areas of the couch you are having trouble with and you can try a small massage of that towel on whole couch to get it looking like new again and give this massage some time and then wipe it off with another cleaned towel dn plain water and let the couch get dry with fresh air.

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