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How To Clean A Light shaded Leather Couch

No doubt, white or light shaded sofas and couch look so good and so beautiful  and they create a very classy look too, but it take too much to keep them beautiful and clean and normally we spend hundreds of pounds to make them clean, but what if we give you a way to clean it at home?
First of all you need to test all the products you are about to going to use on some corners that are hidden like a piece under the toners or stands, It is important to check for discoloration and damage to the leather and now we will start you need you use rubber gloves for that cause detergents can harm the skin.

First of all you need to clean your sofa with a mild body wash with a clean towel, you can take hot water and somebody wash and wash your sofa with this rub the soaked towel over it and use a nail brush your brush the lather and the fine lines for best result, rub in a circular motion with gentle pressure, you do not need to add too much pressure or make the leather too wet cause both things can damage your sofa, once you are done you need to wipe the area with a clean, damp cloth and then rub it with a absorbing cloth to make it completely dry, don’t leave the leather wet or damp cause that will just reduce the life of your leather couch.

How To Clean A Light shaded Leather Couch

Now if your couch has any of mark that still on it then you need to see what kind of cleanlier you need, if it’s a bal pen or ink mark then you can use any hair spray and it will come out immediately and if it is some kind of mark of chocolate or ketchup then you need to take some plain baby oil and spread it over it and then rub it with dry cotton towel.

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It is easy to prevent the marks then solve them so try to keep your sofa safe from such kind o scars or marks, they can ruin  it.

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