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How to Care Nails

Nails are very important part of our body. If this will not with us then we cannot do any work with our hands and feet. You have to take care this part of body for the sake of your comfort and health.

  1. You can strong your nails with the garlic paste. Dip your nails daily after one month you with see it become strong and more shiner then before.
  2. You have to do manicure and pedicure once in a month at least.
  3. Coat your nails with vitamin nail color; give it shiner and better look.
  4. Do not put your nails too much long and too much short as well because it will become uncomforted for you.
  5. Always clean your nails with soap and water and after that apply any quality brands nail polish on your nails for its safty.

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