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How to Bleach Your Eyebrows Like A Pro

Bleaching my eyebrows was always a part of my regular beauty routine, this is not something that I am doing that for very first time, I like to have light shaded eye brows, you would not believe that it not only make you face look more brighter and fresh, it kind of make your face look younger and cuter too and if you carry blond highlights with that then these will help you to get more attention toward your hair too, as I told you that I was born with very thick, coarse, dark, naturally high arched, non-symmetrical eye brows  and they have been always a nightmare brows for me and today I am showing you girls how to change them with your own hands.

You need to buy specific Facial Bleach creams that you might use to bleach your facial hair then you need a clean cosmetic wand or old mascara brush and then you need to pick the shade you might want to try on it or you can use colored Shampoo or Hair Toner  too.

How to Bleach your Eyebrows Like A Pro

If you need to reshape your eyebrows then do that a day or two prior to that in case you get any cut because if you do the bleaching cream will put fire on that cut, we will start with clean, freshly groomed eyebrows, I would say that you don’t need to use Vaseline, but if this is very first time when you using bleaching cream on your face then apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the skin around the eyebrows now you need to mix your bleach as directed on the instructions and take it with the mascara brush and stat comb it through your brows and make sure to coat all of the hair completely.

How to Bleach Your Eyebrows With Peroxide

If you want to color them so you can give it 5 minutes or you can give it 3-4 minutes it is up to you I wanted extra light, so I left the mixture on for 10 minutes and then wash your face with cold water, but don’t open your eyes, now you can apply shampoo toner on your eye brows to get the shade and then let it at least 10 minutes and then wash it off with running water, you can dye your eye brows too if you are brave enough.

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