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How To Become A Perfect Person

Normally we feel that we are not perfect and we need some help to become a better persona and we need to look for some help to become a better person, but here are some simple things that you can try to become a better person.

First thing you need to do is love everyone and everything in and attached with their life, they are the most open and accepting people in their lives, if you want to be a better person you need to stop complaining about things and start accepting things the way they are and the way they happen to them cause whatever happen, happen for a reason.

They wish good for themselves and they feel good for other too, they never wish bad for other persons or even for their enemies and they like to see everyone happy and they know how to forgive other and themselves.

How to Be a Perfect Person

They never get bored, they enjoy every moment of their lives, they fell ready to learn and enjoy new things and they don’t show off or pretend that they are good and other are bad.

They live in the present time and are not worried about the future and don’t punish themselves for past or mistakes or bad things that they did in past intentionally or unintentionally.

They are simple and honest, but not ignorant and stupid, they know that what is current situation of their surroundings and they don’t ignore things, but if someone tries to fool them they don’t show that they know and still keep themselves safe too.

How to Be As Perfect As Possible

They are free from expectations and they carry their relationship with love and care and they try their best to fulfill the expectations of other and specially their loved ones.

They don’t follow the animal needs of a human body and brain and they one man or woman person and they fell in love with a persona and then they stick with them for rest of their lives and they never cheat and they try to make their love as comfortable and as happy as possible.

They don’t behave judgmental, they let other people do whatever they like to do and then they help them when they need their help and their care, They speak truth and never lie not even to themselves, They are honest, frank and straightforward and they follow the human rules of their lives and they try not to break any of rules and they keep the promises and trust intake.

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