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How to Apply Mehndi Make-Up

Before days ago, there was no custom of me Mehndi and it’s occasion. But with the passage of time every thing going to be changed. Now Mehndi function held in every wedding. And people do preparation more then wedding day. So for this day make-up is the essential ingredient. And no Mehndi completes with out it. We will try to define in some simple steps about Mehndi make-up. So you can look good by your own self.

Firstly and the foremost the important thing is that Bride’s face should be clean in every way. So in make no problem can come.Then you have to apply the simple base cote on your face if your face is oily then apply powder form base other wise oily base.

Then you have to choose the color for eye shadow, which must be Yellow and golden. Because our dress is also the Yellow color, first apply yellow and the golden on your eyelid and merge it together very gently.After that apply light Kajol in your eyes. That’s it your eye make up complete. The come to the cheekbones, give it golden and skin shimmer touch very softly.

In the last apply the lips stick with light pink color with lip-gloss. Remember, no need to enhance your face feature, because it will enhance in your wedding day. Then you can see your complete look for your Mehndi Day make up.

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