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How to Apply Maskara for Eye Make-Up

Maskara is very important to prominent you eyes and its complete your make-up. This makes your eyes bigger and better. You can use mascara in different steps.

First and foremost thing is that you have to get a branded mascara product for your eye. It comes in different shades but black make your eyes more and more prominent.
It is like the vitamin for your body, as this is important for you.
You can apply it in the middle of the make-up or end of the make-up its up to you.
Apply gently on your eye lashes and take care that it could not be come under your eye, for this you can put some tissue paper under your eye and can apply it on your eye lashes easily.
Remember it should be water proof, full with vitamin C and good quality product.
Then you can carry it easily even it rainy season with out any worry.

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