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How to Apply Makeup Tips & Eyes Makeup Tips

How to Apply Makeup Tips & Eyes Makeup TipsApply Makeup Tips, I spend a horrible teenage, I was the most flat girl in my high school, and then I decided to learn how to ad dimensions in my face, it was not simple, it was not easy at all, it took me more than 2 years, literally, I use to think that I would never be able to apply makeup on my face, I will spend life with plain lip-gloss, but guess what? I can apply makeup, I can create whatever look I want to; that makeup school was magical and that black lady, Shealen, she is a true diva.

Makeup Tips

How to Apply Makeup Tips

Here are some Simple Tips for all Beginners:

Always start with the concealer and for that don’t look right at the light, instead tip your chin down slightly and stare straight ahead into the mirror and it will actually show you where the dark areas you need to focus on and cover, and when you need to apply foundation, take some product on the back of your hands and apply with the brush, apply same amount on both sides and then blend accordingly.

Apply Blush:

When you are done with foundation or concealer then apply blush before you apply the lose powder,  and for that we always use the ancient trick, suck in your cheeks and apply color to your cheekbones, start from temples and pull the shade in and for that you need to follow the lines of your bones, this is a foolproof way and always work, and then look straight in the mirror to make sure that you have put the same amount of color on each side.

How to Apply Blush


Now take lose powder with a fluffy brush and fill your cheeks with as much air as you can and then put powder all over your face, and apply all over, and then relax your face and now blend excess product with a powder brush or puff and brush off the excessive amount of product.

Powder Makeup

Eye Shadow:

We will start with the base shade, tilt your head back a bit and look at your lid, and now raise your brow to stretch the skin so that the color doesn’t skip, start with base shade and then put the shade you wanted to create the look, then some darker shade to create the depth in your eyes and blend, put light bright shade near your tear duct and put some highlighter near your eye brows and some near your inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes pop.

Eye Shadow Makeup Tips


Apply a transparent mascara and then use lash curler, as close to your lashes as possible and then apply a single coat of colored mascara and then give it some time to get dry and then apply some immediately.


Finish the look with mascara, well this is a look that I shared for beginners, but keep experimenting and you will become PRO.

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