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How To Apply Foundation

Sometime we see that woman look so artificial and so unreal with their makeup and the reason is foundation that gives you either a rough and bad finish or a vampire impression and if you do not want to look artificial or vampire in your day to day life then here are some simple tips for you to apply foundation.

First of all you need to look after your skin and make sure you have the most smoothest and the most issue-less skin ever, if you want to look beautiful natural then you should pay attention that you have a nice skin, but if you don’t then you need to be really smart to buy a smart and perfect foundation, you can go one or two tone darker or lighter than your own skin tone and never buy a foundation for the skin you wanted to have, rather than that buy a foundation for the skin tone you have and make sure you are buying the right foundation for your skin type, if you have oily or dry skin then stick with the products designed for that, but if you have normal skin then you can try one that is for oily skin and that will look great on you and buy a transparent face powder too to finish the look.

How To Apply Foundation

Now wash your face with face wash and apply your face moisturizer and let it get a bit dry and then you are ready for step one, you need to start with clean, yet slightly moist face, now put a little liquid foundation onto the back of your hand and with your fingertip and now you need to apply that over your face, you need to tab dots on your face, your forehead, cheeks, nose, and on your chin and that will make it easy and perfect to apply the right amount of foundation on your face, now you can use a foundation brush or any straight brush to spread the dots on your face and when it is fully spread then start blending with makeup sponge.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation

You can use whatever you want, but your fingers will give you more control over the foundation and doesn’t soak up the makeup the way a brush or sponge may so blending is the key to get the best look so blend it all over your neck, ears, and try your level best to blend it well, you can use concealer for under eye circles, scars, blemishes or any mark you have on your face and finish the look with face powder and give it some time to apply the makeup and that will prevent foundation and base breakage.

Best of luck.

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