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How to Apply Eyeshadow Like A PRO

EyeshadowYou don’t actually have to be a beauty pro to get beautiful looking eyes, you can get the perfectly sculpted with just right use of right shades of eye shadow and right application of eyes and for that you just have to follow some simple tips, and with these tips you just need some quality supplies, applicators and some practice and you will actually be able to get the desired look at once and here are those tips for you and you just need to start the practice from now and soon you will be able to apply the shade like a pro.

The first thing that you need to do is, start with washed face and sue lash curler when your eye lash are wet and if you have lash hair spray then use it too and then use moisturizer and primer and try to use spray one which will actually get in the pours instantly and make your skin smooth and ready to absorbed the products.

How to Apply Eyeshadow Like A PRO

Always pick the combination of shads and use the right kind of texture and right kind of things on your make up, you need to maintain the symphony of shade and finish as shadows come in every color imaginable, and can be found in loose powder, compact powder, and cream forms, but powder form is best to blend and creamy one is very good for smooth and natural look.

Never use pure color on your eye lids unless you are trying to get a crazy and freakish look, always use a mixture of colors and blend them to get the perfect look, and to get the beautiful shade you don’t need to have dozens of colors to be an eye shadow artist, you can use few basic colors and mix them to create the look, and if you buy a platter which has at least 12 shades and colors then this would be perfect for your look and you don’t actually need to buy anymore in shade, you can buy new texture though.

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Brushes are very important, normally I prefer to rub shades with finger as it gives me the more liberty n the more freedom to blend the shades properly, but if you don’t want that then you need to use best brushes possible.

Create the look and enhance the shape of your eyes with a darker V at the outer corner of your eye, I am not saying to draw V with dark liner, I am saying that create the look and then blend it inward, if you have big bright eyes then use darker shade and then blend in and if you have small eyes then use lighter shades like nude, skin tones to enhance the shape and use liner to make your eyes look prominent.

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A soft and smooth shade not only enhance the look of your eyes, but it can give your eye lid a lift too, you just need to use a right shade to get the look, you can take light silver or pinkish silver to brighten your look or you can sue dull shades to make too big eyes smaller.

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You can use the shade of your dress on your lid too, but you cannot apply like lines, you still need to blend it well and that is the key to get beautiful and impressive look, and some highlighter on your tear point can make your eyes so fascinating that you would love to try that with every look.

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