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How Food Help For Better Sleep

How Food Help For Better SleepEvery second person is suffering with the problem of insomnia. It is more common among the people of developed areas. This problem refers to all sleeping problems as walking during night, walking early morning, and sleepless nights. Life style is the main cause for this problem including all other reasons. Our drinking and eating habits effect the sleep to great extent.

Eating right and at the right time is necessary for the good sleep. Our body has its own internal clock which sets our sleeping and getting up times. Hormones of the body control and regulate this clock. The secretion of these hormones is effected by the way we eat and think.

Before to go for the foods helpful in sleeping we have to follow certain tips:

Never go to sleep with full stomach, as it will cause heartburn and keep you awake.
Eat three or four hours before going to sleep.
Not go to bed with empty stomach as it will trigger the glycogen to stimulate the brain to produce sleepless hormones.


High fats:
Researches show that foods with high fat content not only cause the increase in weight but also cause Te sleepless nights. It is the main reason when we say that sleep is not purchased by the bowl of gold coins.
Spicy foods:
Spicy foods become the reason of sleepless nights because of heart burn or we can say by acid reflux the digestive system get disturb and causes sleepless.
Choclate and caffeinated foods:
The caffeine and other stimulants present in coffee and choclates activate the brain cells and keep the person awakened.
High protein foods:
High protienic foods are the source of increasing brain activitry and cause the sleepless nights. Before going to bed avoid the proteins snacks and protein foods.
Anuretic foods:
Those foods which increase the urination may awake you because of frequent urination. One such drink is alcohol, though it makes you slumber but also increase urination when in concentrated form.


Tryptophan rich food:
Tryptophan is the sleep inducing hormone and found in milk, banana, poultry products, oats, and in honey. These foods help the sleep
Snack with boiled eggs or vegetables:
If your sleep is due to food insufficiency then take a snack with boiled vegetables. It will give fullness to the blotted stomach.
It is one of the greatest sleep inducing product and help for sleep if taken a bowl of yogurt before going to sleep.

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